1929 Whippet Aluminum Boat Tail Speedster

Vintage racer, Robin Cooper already had vintage race cars in his Kentucky stable when he contacted me to design and build this race car based on his lowered Model A frame with a Whippet engine and transmission. The engine has the only known Whippet overhead valve conversion that we know of in existence.

Among his requirements were: Whippet radiator and shell, all aluminum, narrow body, staggered seating, side opening rear cargo door, no door for navigator (driver's door only) and branch header with side exhaust. This gave me a lot of freedom to sketch dimensions, shapes, proportions and placement of riveted seams until I was pleased with the look and function. The seats in this car are not adjustable (most of my speedsters seats ARE adjustable). This car and cockpit are built around Mr. Cooper, requiring him to visit the shop occasionally to be certain the car and driver are dimensioned for each other.

The car is nearing completion pending lights, wiring, shocks, exhaust pipe, roll bar and installation of small racing windshields.

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