Our Skills and Specialties


Vintage Speedster Vintage Race Car

We are currently building our 30th speedster! This speedster is powered by a 1929 Whippet engine with an overhead valve conversion.

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Auto Restoration

Our restorations have won national awards including this car at the Studabaker Nationals.

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Design and Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

We were commissioned to replace the entire wood inner structure of this 1930 REO with steel.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal Shaping

We use the help of the english wheel to help form a compound curves.

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Fender Fabrication

Metal Shaping

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We louver steel and aluminum using our Pullmax metal forming machine.

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Wood Graining

Wood Graining

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More Specialties Include

  • Fabrication in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass.
  • Repair and polishing of stainless, aluminum and brass
  • Fabrication of patch panels
  • Tig, Mig, and gas welding
  • Lead work
  • Metal work assistance
  • Classes and tutoring