Our First Model A Speedster

Our typical speedster body comes with 4-piece hinged and fastened hood, double-hump cowl fairing, integral tool box, all floors, frame covers, blank dash, hinged and latched doors, gas tank, mounted seat plates, opening deck lid, body mounting kit and small folding racing windshields. It has a strong tubular structure that more than doubles the frame rigidity and is engineered to mount to a stock or "Z"-d Model A frame.

The best platform to build on is a '30-'31 chassis, which must be dimensionally perfect (not hard to do) and with the rear crossmember ears removed. The body will bolt directly to the Model A frame. The pedals will need heating and bending, and the shift lever must be heated and bent rearward. Also, the steering gear should be moved 3 1/2" rearward on the frame.

The front spring should have three or more leaves removed and be de-arched to 3 1/4 inches flatter than stock. Using a '32-'36 front axle will lower the front about another inch. The rear spring should be lowered 4" by removing all but four leaves and de-arching. I consider these to be the minimum modifications the chassis should have to be period correct for ride height, and the effect these mods have on handling really make a sports car out of it.

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